About Us

Jack and Dana Harroun are a husband and wife team that strives to build it better and make it beautiful.


“We build Great Homes, usually at a profit, sometimes at a loss, but always Great Homes.”

I love this statement because it succinctly summarizes the core of who I am as a builder. Short cuts, covering over problems, lack of detail, are just not things in my repertoire. I lose sleep over the details, so my clients don’t have to.

I have met so many people who have wanted to build, or remodel for years, but just didn’t know how to get started or who to trust. I recognize the huge step it takes to go ahead with a project and hire a builder. You are not just “buying” something, you are entering a relationship.

We believe that through our design, build process, we can alleviate clients concerns and create the product of dreams.In the end, what really matters to me, is that my clients love their home, and feel great about their decision to hire us.

Jack Harroun has been in the building trades for most of his life. He has extensive residential and commercial experience. He started out in residential building as soon as he could drive, and began framing custom homes full-time out of High School. He joined the Iron Workers Union in the mid 90’s and built high rise buildings while putting himself through first Clark College and then Concordia University.  In 2006, Jack and his wife Dana went into business specializing in whole house restorations of historic homes.  There combined talents focuses on a level of  detail that is rare in the building industry.


“I love the things in life that make you want to be where you’re at.”

Dana Harroun is a naturally gifted designer. Her attention to detail, understanding of structures and near photographic memory of design elements puts her in a rarified category. Dana gets “It”, whatever that “It” may be. She has an uncanny ability to synthesis the thoughts, photos, and clients varied descriptions of what they desire, and what they don’t, into a comprehensive, buildable, design plan.

Dana is as cost conscious as they come, she understands that no matter what level the client is building at, there is always a budget to be mindful of. She can create luxury, without breaking the bank. Her easygoing style and love of design can transform what can feel overwhelming, into the fun, exciting process building your dream should be.

Dana has the ability to help you find your style, the “It” that represents you best.